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AKA, "Hannah Lyman's Grandma's Recipe"

  1. Prepare a deep cookie sheet with a Al foil and silicone liner on top of that.
  2. Prepare the chocolate -- chunks should be small and therefore spreadable.
  3. Prepare high-heat ready utensils
  4. Combine sugar and butter in md/lg saucepan on medium heat and gently stir still mixed.
  5. Once mixed and melted together, add almonds. These will serve as your cooking timer, too, so it's important to be prompt!
  6. Leave on medium heat (DO NOT REDUCE) and stir as infrequently as possible until it begins to thicken
  7. IMPORTANT: if the oil begins to separate, increase heat slightly (eg, from 5/10 → 6-7/10). Do NOT stir faster unless the sugar has begun to candy! This will be obvious, as the sugar will start to be "tendrily", thick, and stringy as you stir it. You may add a pinch more salt to further stabilize the mixture.
  8. The almonds will begin to cook and make crackling/popping noises. This is a good sign.
  9. Toffee will begin to turn a darker brown, about that of golden brown brown sugar. Begin to stir faster, as fast as you dare (beware molten sugar/butter!) The mixture MUST stay mixed to "work".
  10. When almonds are dark brown and buttercream mixture is golden/dark brown, and it is aromatic with almonds (Should be ~ 155°C ± 4°C (300° - 320° F), pour onto the silicone liner.
  11. Sprinkle chocolate evenly over the top while still molten/bubbling. Chocolate will immediately begin to melt. Spread out as evenly as possible while it does so.
  12. Let stand 30-45 minutes before placing it into the fridge/freezer/sampling.