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Web Resources for Part I: Saurischia

References not available as lecture "note" packs:

The opisthotonic posture of vertebrate skeletons -- CM Faux and K Padian [P]
Triassic Dinosauromorphs -- RB Irmis, SJ Nesbitt, K Padian, ND Smith, AH Turner, D Woody and A Downs [P]
Dinosaurian Growth Rates -- K Padian, AJ de Riqles, JR Horner [P]
Jurassic Genome -- C Zimmer [P]

Web Resources for Part II: Marine Reptiles

Fun Sea Monster Game!
Basal Sauria
Crurotarsi (Crocodylomorphs)
Sauropterygia (Placodonts, Nothosaurs, Plesiosaurs, Pliosaurs)
Pythonomorphs (Mosasaurs, Aigialosaurs, Dolichosaurs, Snakes)
Archaeoceti (ancient whales)

The evolution of plesiosaur and pliosaur morphotypes in the Plesiosauria -- F. O'Keefe [P]
Swimming speed estimation -- R. Motani [P]
Lifestyles of plesiosaurs -- M. Taylor
Triassic marine reptiles gave birth to live young -- Y. Cheng, X. Wu, Q. Ji
Ecomorphology of plesiosaur flipper geometry -- F. O'Keefe [P]
Swimming capabilities of Mesozoic marine reptiles: implications for method of predation -- J. Massare

Comments on Wikipedia: While we encourage the use of Wikipedia both for a survey of the species involved (hell, we use it all the time!), and as a landing pad for citations, we do not suggest you take Wikipedia as your only source. Check the uncited statements, search google scholar, and fill them in -- improve Wikipedia for everyone! If you do a substantial rewrite of a Wiki article, be sure to be logged in (accounts are free), and show us -- we'll consider giving you some extra credit for it! That said, this is a DeCal and it should be taken for fun, so don't stress too much about your source list for this class.

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