Lecture Slides, Notes, and Errata

Lecture 1: Geologic Time and Cladistics Slides 1 Citations and Notes, 0 Lecture PDF
Lecture 2: Sauropods I: Early Sauropods and Trends Slides 2 Lecture Notes & References Lecture PDF
Lecture 3: Sauropods II: Late Sauropods and Biomechanics Slides 3 Supplementary PDFs Lecture PDF
Lecture 4: Therpods I: Carnosaurs, Ceratosaurs, and Basal Tetanurans Slides 4 Supplementary PDFs Lecture PDF
Lecture 5: Theropods II: Coelurosaurs and Theropod Biomechanics Slides 5 Supplementary PDFs Lecture PDF
Lecture 6: Eumaniraptors I: The Terrible Claws and Trends Towards Aves Slides 6 Supplementary PDFs Lecture PDF
Lecture 7: Eumaniraptors II: Early Birds and the KT Extinction Slides 7 Supplementary PDFs Lecture PDF
Lecture 8: Part II: Sea Monsters: Basic Marine Overview
Slides 8   Lecture PDF
Lecture 9: Intro to Mesozoic Marine Reptiles Slides 8 Notes 8 Lecture PDF
Lecture 10: Ichthyosaurs Slides 9   Lecture PDF
Lecture 11: Sauropterygia Slides 10   Lecture PDF
Lecture 12: Pliosaurs and Mosasaurs Slides 11   Lecture PDF
Lecture 13: Cenozoic Marine Predators Slides 12   Lecture PDF

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