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5/1/2008: All the lectures are now online and the PDF for the final can be found here. Good luck!

4/08/2008: Kit's lecture from last week is now online, as well as this coming week's lecture. Additionally, there have been updates to the media page, resource page, contact page, and recommended reading page.

2/28/2008: Lectures are up to date again. Everyone must have a topic proposal submitted to me by next Friday, 3/7.

1/30/2008: Lecture "0" uploaded with updates. Please remember there is a quiz next week!

12/30/07: Syllabus for Spring 2008 now online.

12/27/07: Welcome to the Raptors and Sea Monsters decal site. We are in the process of some minor changes for the new semester. However, you can find the Fall 2007 student presentations under "Lectures".

The Course Control Number (CCN) for the upper-division IB 198 is 43453. If you are a lower division student, please visit the contact page to request a Course Entry Code (CEC).

You can find some more information about the DeCal program on Decal.org. The syllabus will be updated to reflect the new semester shortly.

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